How long will the whole process take?

Length of treatment depends mainly on the severity of the malocclusion and the age at which treatment was initiated. An adult will naturally need more time to correct the same problem than a young child will need.

Another huge factor is the cooperation of the patient. For example, some problems are corrected by the use of removable headgear. This headgear needs to be worn a minimum of 14 hours daily. If the patient refuses or forgets to comply with this requirement, the correction process is lengthened. Braces need to be tightened each time you visit the Orthodontist. If you miss a scheduled visit, this will also lengthen the correction process.

In the most general terms, one to three years of active treatment with Orthodontic appliances is required to correct a malocclusion. Most Orthodontists schedule occasional visits for several years thereafter in order to assure that the patient's teeth remain in alignment.

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