Does my child really need Orthodontics?

The only way to answer this question for sure is to visit a qualified Orthodontist for a thorough examination. Before initiating any program to correct malocclusion, the Orthodontist will examine your child's dental and medical history as well as his or her teeth, jaws, joints, face and profile with X-rays and other precise measurements. The Orthodontist will pay close attention to how your child bites and swallows. After a thorough examination, the Orthodontist will explain the details of your child's particular bite problem, which appliances will best correct the problem and when will be the best time to start treatment.

If your child's teeth do not close properly, that is, some teeth touch but others do not, chances are that your child will benefit greatly from Orthodontic correction. However, an examination with an Orthodontist is the only way to be certain. It is important to determine as early as possible whether or not your child needs Orthodontics, because poorly aligned teeth trap food particles which will cause tooth and gum disease. Worse yet, a child who is unable to chew properly due to teeth which need straightening will not be able to digest food properly so his or her nutrition and hence, their entire health and development will suffer.

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