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Personal Data
Birth Date: April 3 1952  Las Cruces New Mexico

Education and Licenses
1973 New Mexico State University - Bachelor of Science
1973 Oregon Health Sciences University
1977 School of Dentistry Portland Oregon - Doctor of Dental Medicine
1982 Saint Louis University - Master of Science Dentistry in Orthodontics

07/01/77 Washington State Dental License No. 4916
07/30/77 Oregon State Dental License No. 5293
11/03/77 New Mexico State Dental License No. 1217
10/18/79 Arizona State Dental License No. 2470

Professional Experience
1976 Employed as a senior dental student intern at the Oregon State
Correctional Institution, Salem, Oregon.

09/08/77 Commissioned in the U. S. Public Health Service.

1977 Active Duty with the Indian Health Service.
Assigned to a one dental officer facility at Santa Rosa Health Clinic,
Santa Rosa, Arizona.Provided general dental care for a local service
population of approximately 4000 Papago Indians. Revised and updated
dental record-keeping procedures and began a system for periodic recall
for school-age children.

1978 Transferred to Sells Indian Health Service Hospital, Dental Clinic,
Sells, Arizona. Provided patent care and education for a service
population of approximately 5500 Papago Indians. Integrated preventive
dentistry into prenatal counseling programs at the Sells IHS Hospital.
Introduced expanded functions (TEAM concept) dentistry to the dental clinic
and assisted in reclassifying the clinic as an expanded functions station.
Assisted in the development and application of computer assisted general
appointment scheduling systems and computerized periodic recall for prosthetic,
orthodontic and endodontic patients. Coordinated the development, design and
equipment selection in clinic remodeling and improvement. Participated in
recertification of the hospital site to meet requirements of the Joint Commission
on Accreditation of Hospitals.

07/06/80 Honorable Discharge; resigned current position to attend graduate
training at Saint Louis University.

Since 1982 Private, speciality practice of orthodontics in Tucson, Arizona.

Day, J. W.:  The Effects of Intrinsic Enamel-Fluoride Content and Surface
Preparation on Adhesive Bond Strength of Orthodontic Attachments, Master's
Thesis, St. Louis University, 1983.

Day, J. W., Nikolai, R. J.:  Enamel Fluoride Content and Surface Preparation
Influences on Bond Strength., J. Dent. Res. 63: 295, 1984.

Spanish (some speaking ability and limited writing ability)

Organizations and Memberships
American Dental Association, 1977-Present
Southern Arizona Dental Society
Civitan International, 1983-Present
Old Pueblo Civitan Club, Tucson, Arizona
Orthodontic Foundation for Education and Research, 1982-Present

Western Interstate Commission of Higher Education Scholarship Award
for General Dental Studies at the Oregon Health Sciences University
for residents of the State of New Mexico, 1973-7

U. S. Public Health Scholarship Award, 1976, 1977

Continuing Education
CPR Training - 4hrs
CNA Risk Mgmt Seminar, Poe & Brown Insr. - 8hrs

Community Activities
Secretary, Comstock Children's Foundation, Inc.
Past President, Old Pueblo Civitan Club
Member, Tucson Computer Society
Classroom Instructor, Wright Flight, Inc.

Hobbies and Recreation
Flying (commercial pilot, instrument flight instructor), photography,
hiking, southwest history, and occasional golf and fishing.

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